Stories Made of Wood and Time

Welcome. I’m Stephen Hobbs, and I’m glad you found my website.

I strive to be more than just a craftsman working with wood—I am an artisan. I have a passion for the old ways of woodworking, for the character of wood, and for the craft of repairing and preserving hand-crafted furniture.

Each furniture piece has a story, one that is enriched and expanded during it’s lifespan. In my work, I strive to preserve those stories, not to erase or recreate them. The story is what gives a piece it’s character and personality, as well as it’s place in our lives.

So often, these simple pieces of wood, glue, fabric and leather are made into artifacts of memory, and inextricably bound to our own stories. Whether it’s a rocking chair that your mother owned and rocked you to sleep in as a baby, or a table given to you on your wedding day, these furniture pieces are more than simply furniture now; they are a part of your story.

I love being able to help preserve those stories. Watching the memories light up in a customer’s eyes when they see my work is an incredibly satisfying experience. I hope to have the opportunity to care for these parts of your own stories.