Antique Restoration

Antique furniture is often much more than just decorative or useful items in your home–they become part of your family’s story.  You can preserve these important pieces of your history with our antique restoration services.  Restoration doesn’t always come down to wether or not a piece should be refinished or not.  At that point, the concern is always about the monetary value decreasing.  Our goal is to preserve that value by taking the necessary steps to continue to preserve the piece for years to come.  The finish on a piece of furniture is what protects it from the oils on our skin and all the other elements it may come in contact with in a home.  Finishes wear down with age just like the paint on your house.  Adding more finish may actually increase the value if it allows it to last another 50+ years protected.  We specialize in restoring your pieces to their former glory using historical tools, glues, finishes and techniques that revitalize your antique pieces and will help them last for decades to come.