Veneer Repair

At Wood & Hand, we can repair or replace the wood veneer on damaged furniture.  We specialize in hammer veneering which possibly dates back to Egyptian times, and is still a viable way to lay veneer.  Even among all the technological advancements with modern glues, hammer veneering is possibly the only sustainable way to veneer or repair veneer, in my opinion.  Why?  It’s repairable!  If veneer that was glued with modern glue comes up for some reason, you can’t just slide glue underneath and clamp it down.  Modern glues do not stick to themselves.  Hide glue on the other hand does!  It amazes me that the same glue that Egyptians veneered their furniture with is still the only reversible glue used to build furniture!  If you have damaged or missing veneer on a furniture piece, the artisan at Wood & Hand can restore that piece with an ancient technique handed down from one artisan to another.